Wednesday 12 April 2000


Eek - I'm updating again. Well my backlog of comics is gone - so I need something to fill the void again. Boy will I be glad when June gets here. The main reason is obvious - Charlotte arrives ::grin:: there's another reason though - no timezones will mean earlier nights and more sleep and it won't be so bloody difficult to get up in the morning any more. I should start getting up earlier and getting the 7:30 train - but at the minute I'm just too tired every morning. At the weekends all I do is catch up on sleep. Timeout - train to catch. Superpowers would be nice. The Flash's speed for example - get up at 5 to 9 get dressed - run to work - arrive 4 mins 58 secs before 9. An emptiness inside me. An emptiness beside me. But so much less than the emptiness before. Only 8 weeks until the emptiness goes - never to return. I wonder how I will update this entry. At some point I should move my domain off of NT - I was going to get my own server and move it onto that. I have other expenses to think of first though.