Monday 18 January 2010

The Journey Home.

So I'm on my way back.

The problems started last night.  When we verified the flight info we realised that we had got the times wrong and that instead of needing to be at the airport at 5 for an 8am flight the flight was actually due to depart at 6am, so we had to be there at 3am for check-in.

The alarm went off no problem at 1:45. Lex was fast asleep but I gave him a hug anyway and took a picture. We got to the airport dead on 3:00.  We found the check in desk which hadn't opened and I joined the queue.

My flight (AK415 to Dubai) was actually the first departure of the day which meant no built up delays or holding patterns; however it also meant that most of the shops in the food court and duty free hadn't opened yet.  We managed to find a pie shop and said our tearful goodbyes.

Once through security I found that there was even less open in duty free than there was in the main concourse.  So it was time to sit and wait at the gate.

While waiting I thought I would avail myself of the airport wifi only to find that SYD has no free airport wifi. After recent experiences in LHR, PRG and DXB this was a bit of a shock.

I still had some data allowance left on my Optus PAYG though so posted a couple of status updates and pictures with that.

I am currently sat in a 777-200. Not quite as roomy as the A380 we arrived in and the woman next to me has wandering elbows but I got some headphones from an attendant (Taking quite a while because they were preparing breakfast and not paying much attention to the call lights) and plugged into the excellent "ICE" entertainment system provided by Emirates.

A quick word on ICE.  I managed to crash my terminal on the way out which was annoying for a while but became quite interesting when system did a watchdog reboot and revealed that the system is based around RedHat Linux.

Hats off to Emirates for a pretty cool touch screen X windows interface with custom controller.

The USB doesn't recognise my G1 as a mass storage device though so while I can charge it in flight (and write this post) I can't listen to my own music selection.  There are a couple of new movies since last time though so I should be able to keep myself occupied.

Well lunch was a serious disappointment.  A nice grill for breakfast and then lunch is a single snack sized pie.  Just enough to get me hungry :( It is going to be a long time until dinner...

Damn. Nearly 11 hours into the flight (5pm by my body clock) they finally bring out lunch. And immediately take it back to be stowed away while we go through turbulence.  I need food! My gut is being eaten from the inside since the mini pie 5 hours ago.

2 hours to go.  Food has finally been served and although it wasn't really anything special (veg ravioli) it has finally calmed the heartburn.  Will soon be in dubai where I can post this entry and try and get hold of Charlotte.

Not sure if I'll have many movies to choose from by that point.

Will be good to change planes. Although I have a window seat on the next one which will probably be a squash. At least at the moment I can lean into the aisle. Even if it does mean leaning toward the bogan with his feet resting on the armrest of the guy in front.