Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tap tap. Is this thing on keeps truncating my posts, so I guess I should try this email posting thing...

What a difference a day makes

this time last week I was feeling great. Then last Friday happened and now I'm on that slippery slope trying not to fall in the shit. I think I have recovered a little ground but every day is now a struggle. It's all grey.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Nothing is new. No-one is unique.

While listening to 2d6 feet in a random direction (http.:// i found that something i do that i thought was weird is actually quite common. I have many p&p rpg game manuals. I've not played them and never will

More laws... Just what we need...

Apparently the UK Government is redrafting a law from the 60s preventing the promotion of suicide to make it explicit that the law applies to online content as well as audio and print. How on earth do they reckon they are going to enforce this? I'm by no means pro-suicide, and no matter how depressed I've been in the past I've always viewed suicide as giving up and I never considered it an option; however this sort of thought policing always annoys me. Sure someone explicitly trying to get people to end their lives is below contempt; however someone who legitimately believes what they are posting has a right to post their opinion (and hopefully be ridiculed for it). It is also legitimate to post this as a starting point for debate. What about fiction? What about discussion about euthanasia? In addition to the general objection to being told what I can or can't do... How many blogs host content in the UK? If I'm in the UK and want to post a pro-suicide blog, what's to stop me just blogging it to one of the many US based platforms? Do they really think that emo kids googling for info on suicide are going to hit the "Pages from the UK" radio button? OK. Rant over.
Bloody knackered. And coming down with a cold. Is it the weekend yet?

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

What is my life?

Hours travelling every day. Hours of cleaning every evening. All i'm blogging is bitches about public transport. Starting to get creative again (need to be careful not to hit my obsessions again - am listening to a few d&d podcasts and very tempted by 4e even though i'll never play it) only sleeping a few hours a night which is a prime symptom of a manic swing... Aware of it though so can avoid the negatives and just tap the energy (i hope)

Bus Woes

Bloody overground bus replacement service... Had an eventful journey this morning.  Get on the bus at West Hampstead (after walking the obligatory 300 yards to the bus stop on the far side and having a bus pass me on the way).  Cool.  Going to get to Willesden with plenty of time.  Then we get to the arches just before Brondesbury and there are 3 trucks parked at the building site leaving no room for the bus to pass.  We sit there for 10-15 mins until they clear the obstruction.  Annoying, but we're back on the move. Just before we get to queens park we pass through the roadworks, and then get stuck next to another bus without the room to pass due to a 4wd parked on a yellow line.  The bus driver takes the opportunity to tell the other driver about the problems at Brondesbury.  Fine by me.  We finally pull past when the other bus moves only to be pulled over by the police.  The police officer then proceeds to berate the bus driver for not pulling through the gap, saying "If you can't get through that gap you need to retake your test".  Totally unfair in my opinion.  He also proceeds to tell the driver off for "Having a chat" and blocking traffic - all the while standing in the middle of the road with his car blocking a long queue of traffic behind him... And will they do anything about the 4wd that caused the problem in the first place (which I think was illegally parked; I didn't read the traffic signs to make sure though).  Will they fuck.