Monday 6 March 2006


meta-date: 20060306 17:20

Got my 46" pintail sliding this afternoon. Was trying last Thursday, but the Khiro Yellow barrels I had on there had far too much rebound; couldn't get my hand down reliably, kept bouncing back to a straight line...

I need to order a job lot of Khiro red and blue barrels and blue bottom inserts.

Sliding the pin was definitely a different feeling from the Globe 38". Dropping the rear knee was much more important to get the tail to whip around. Not sure how much was to do with the crappy Krypto Hawaii wheels (finally scrubbed off the seam line today). They ride harder than the 78A they're supposed to be, but they seem to have more grip than my other 78s. The flat deck on the pin was a definite disadvantage too.

Oh, and since I started working on upper body strength I've managed to gain about 5 kg. So much for trying to drop below the 100kg mark...