Friday 3 November 2006


Entries for everyone today. Have a design I quite like for techblog now (still haven't finished the coding though), Vox is moving along nicely now I've decided on a topic and I always have plenty of random drivel for here. Look at me! I have 3 blogs and they all link together. Am I an attention seeking self important karma whore? Probably. Don't care. Almost too crowded on the train to write this morning. At least everything's running approximately on time this morning though. That'll come back to haunt me. Flying visit from Louise yesterday. Got home busting for the loo, said a quick hello, dashed upstairs and when I got back she was gone. Without music yet again. Really need to try and remember to charge up the mp3 player today. Probably about time to change the mix too. Hint for GMP32005 owners (if anyone else was stupid enough): If your player won't recognise the music directory even though its there and full of files, reformat the device from your pc. When you fire up the player it will recreate the needed directories and you'll be able to put music on it again. Wasted too many hours figuring out that one… Bloody cold this morning. Need to find my hat. Game recommendation: Canis Canem Edit (Bully in the US). Think GTA in a boarding school or Scum without the potting shed. Pay back the bullies and jocks. Help teachers hide their alcohol problem from the headmaster. Classic. Haven't used any of my skateboards in months. Need to get back in the saddle so to speak. Although if morning frost is setting in it might be best to leave it for a while. Need to find my bearing cleaning materials. Need new shoes, these ones are mostly ok for walking. A couple of days of foot braking would probably kill them though. Announcement just mentioned that you need a first class ticket to sit in the first class compartment. Does that mean you could stand in there without one?