Tuesday 6 April 2010

A letter to Anne Main MP (cons) for St Albans.

Dear Mrs Main,

I also believe they should be debated in the House of Commons before we agree to them. Only if we are confident that they have been given the scrutiny that they deserve will we support them.

After your previous email stating your  commitment to full debate and scrutiny of the Digital Economy bill, I was disappointed not to see you present during the debate.

In fact my wife and I were appalled to see that the second reading debate of a Bill of this level of importance was taking place with only a handful of MPs present.  

I have seen it said many times that the passage of this bill before the dissolution of parliament is essential.  Can anyone truly claim this to be the case when most of the elected representatives couldn't even bother to turn up for the reading?

Your absence in particular has left me feeling both disappointed and unrepresented.

Please do not count on my vote in the upcoming general election.