Sunday, 19 September 2004

Another day, another website

meta-date: 200409192343

Well I thought I'd pretty much retired this site, and then lo and behold my hosting ran out on, so I find this is my primary again.

Working on packaging some modules for CPAN at the mo. Got my PAUSE account, but have buggered up the version numbers on the modules I uploaded. I think I'm getting the hang of subversion now, but I really should have thought things through more before publishing a file to CPAN with a version number taken from the subversion revision number... Version 23 of a module doesn't really look right.

Have now come to the conclusion that having to manually specify the version number when you build the distribution isn't such a bad thing. I'll keep $ Id:$ in my files, but I won't be using it to build version strings automagically any more.

Am making a start on getting my POE Jabber bot ready for publication to CPAN too. Too many hours gone into it to just leave it running in the background on my jabber server. Not that it's really ready for heavy use, but at least if it gets in the index I might have a chance of some feedback ;)