Friday 4 February 2000

The Joy of Trains

Well yet another major fuck up on the trains this morning - and all my fault. Damn email problems. Late night again... All my fault that I'm late. Got to the station about 10 mins late - had the choice of getting the 8:00 to moorgate or the 8:09 to Brighton... I'll get the 8:09 because it will go direct to London Bridge and I'll get there a couple of minutes early. Should have known that wouldn't be the case... Bloody 8:09 doesn't stop at London Bridge :/ I thought all of the Brighton trains did these days. Stupid mistake. Oh well - I'll just work late to make up - I've had people telling me I should be less uptight about the hours I work anyway - I'm not customer facing so I can move my hours by a bit and as long as I put the time in it doesn't make a difference. Still feels kinda wrong though. Other people have to be in on time or get in trouble - why should I be any different? ::sigh:: Mind seizing up again - random staring into space and grinning moment. Should be able to finish off the Linux install on my PC today - as soon as the Graphics card is sorted I'll be able to work without windows. Which is nice.