Friday, 11 February 2000


Another morning.  Charlotte is going down to Melbourne this weekend, so she's not gonna be around for long phone calls :(  I'll call at Ebs though - I couldn't stand the idea of not speaking to her.  There has still couldn't stand the idea of not speaking to her.  There has still not been a day without speaking and we've been together for over 5 weeks now.  I hate technology.  Last night we both had email problems - Netscape stopped working on my home PC, in the end I set up fetchmail to grab my pop box and shove it into the local spool.  I then used mutt to send mail - which I haven't configured properly yet, so it was a pain to use.  And then when I did finally get my mail at shortly before midnight there was nothing from Charlotte.  I recieved an SMS moments later telling me that she was having problems with chickmail... Grrrr.  At least orange weren't having network problems again though - having no way to talk would be very bad :(  Sun in my eyes - I hate that.  Drinks tonight.  DaveE is leaving - and it's my birthday tomorrow.  I don't want to get pissed though.  I want to sleep at home tonight - not on Dan's floor.  And I certainly don't want another dodgy kebab. ::sad sigh::  I hate distance.  I hate timezones.  I hate the unreliability of email systems and of SMS.  The closer it gets to flying out the more I wish I was there right now.  Serious missage.  ::grin:: but random happy thoughts are happening too :) Spoke to Charlotte's sister through email last night - had a warning about hurting her. Last thing I want in the world. I hope it never happends.