Monday 27 February 2006

Barking Wheels

meta-date: 20060227 14:12

To an onlooker I probably haven't progressed at all over the past week. To myself though I have come on leaps and bounds. Still nowhere near where I'd like to be, but I am making a number of gradual improvements. Upper body strength: mine is abysmal. Working on improving it is helping me keep my body under control during the rotation. Lower body strength: again abysmal. Not doing anything specific to work on it, but I can feel the workout in my abs when I cool down. Again should help with control. Finally lower body flexibility: This one is really holding me up. Need to be more comfortable rotating my hips to force the drop of my rear knee and to keep my backside closer to the board during rotation; am often finding myself with my weight too far forward causing me to push the board out behind me at the end of the 180. Intentionally taking it slowly, the more reps I do the more comfortable I am dropping weight onto the gloves which hopefully helps things to flow :)