Monday 20 February 2006

Practise makes perfect

meta-date: 20060220 13:56

Decided to practise with soft wheels rather than moving on to getting the board to pendulum. It's kinda cool how when you have the technique the wheels don't seem to matter. I was running with some 70mm 78A wheels that came as part of a complete today (mainly because they are centre set. I have some 83A kryptos but they're side set so I can't rotate if they cone...). I was expecting to hit tarmac a few times in a hip slide while I got used to the grip; but actually managed to keep it pretty much under control for the whole session with only a couple of bails to my knee pads.

Working on technique now. I've noticed that as I have started to get the hang of the balance I've stopped dropping my rear knee all the way down. Am now trying to get my knee down while still keeping balance and spinning 180 heelside. Hopefully when I've got the technique down with the soft wheels I can move back to the hard wheels and work on getting extra rotation :)