Friday 24 February 2006

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

meta-date: 20060224 15:01

Heh, two days of rain/snow and I completely lost my technique... At least for the first half dozen or so runs. Spent most of the session just doing 180 colemans again to drill the technique into my subconscious. Being able to do these at a moments notice is much more important than moving on to pendulums and 360s. I did spend about 10 minutes trying to do toeside 360s at the end of the hour. Managed about 250-260 on most attempts before losing too much speed and the wheels regripped (still on the soft wheels). Going to keep on the soft wheels until they cone to uselessness then I'll move back to the Tsunamis. Doubt I'll actually manage any 360s on the softies, but won't stop me trying ;)