Friday 14 January 2000


So much to talk about, so little time to write. Have been so distracted, such a wonderful distraction. I am happy. But I can't let myself drift away. My thoughts are elsewhere always, thousands of miles, 11 hours ahead, upside down... Soon my body will be there too. I am going the first week in March - to visit my baby in her home town. To get the guided tour of Sydney in the same way that I will give the guided tour of London, but in a much shorter space of time. I was so nervous about telling her, so afraid that it would be taking things too far. But I needn't have been. She is excited. I am excited more. I will arrange the trip so that it has a weekend in the middle - means less time off, but she will be working so I don't want to lose the full days together because I have to get the plane. I am so distracted just thinking about it. Nearly to London Bridge, not much longer to write now. Wheee! She's just replied to the email I sent this morning about our plans. I will stop now so that I can have it read out to me on my phone. I can't wait until tomorrow when I speak to her again. To talk about what we are going to do and hear the excitement in each other's voices. Oh and baby? lym