Friday 28 January 2000

The pain, the pain!

Ow.  My neck hurts.  And currently smells of menthol...   Which doesn't put Charlotte off as we snuggle because she's on the other side of the world and can't smell it...  Colds shouldn't be allowed to play about with your muscles - sure they should be able to give you headaches and sore throats and blocked noses (all of which I have as well by the way), but they shouldn't be allowed to give you neck ache, or back ache. Oh well. Feel like shit, but feel good inside because I can still phone Charlotte. Forgot to mention that BT have still blocked my International calls, but I don't care because I'm now using OneTel who are amazingly cheaper. My bill is going to be huge, but I can't be bothered with an early bill, so I'm going to just leave the international call bar in place... So for the money it cost for our longest call so far (5 hours) we could now speak for 20 hours...  Hmmm, tempting... ::grin::  Ow, just turned my head to look out of the window and got pain shooting through me again. I'm going back to bed soon.  Sooooo tired. Soooo in pain.   But sooooo happy too :) Damn!  I just split the tube of Ibuprofen/Menthol gel type stuff that I've been using on my neck... Wish I could keep my hands still when I'm concentrating...  Lost in thought.  Mmmmmm, long bath sounds tempting too.   Decisions decisions - does the long bath come before or after sleep?  I hate that it takes so long to run a bath here.  Crappy hot water pressure - Grrrr.   Heheh, random thought - me and Charlotte have competition to the most sickeningly mushy couple... scrub that they're not a couple - honest - and I have the spatula mark in the back of my head to prove it...  lol.  Oh well.  Can't be arsed to write any more - just not getting into the flow of it really.  Oh, and I have decided that Sarah Michelle Gellar is evil.  Why?  Because - "I am concerned by how much of a computer generation we are becoming, we are forgetting how to be people, how to have a conversation, how to do anything on our own.  We even try to date on the Internet."   Thankyou very much.  Some of us actually think that dating on the Internet is actually a good thing - a way for those of us too fucked up to speak to anyone in real life can actually meet someone special and talk to them, get to know them well enough that talking to them offline is possible rather than just gibbering and making random vowel sounds.  Just because there are some bored people out there that are pasting your head onto other people's naked bodies doesn't mean that the Internet is the tool of the devil.  Sure there are fucked up people on the Net ::waves at Dan:: but there are fucked up people offline too.  If someone was to actually cut and paste here head onto a picture of someone else and reproduce it optically would that not be just as bad as doing it digitally?  ::panting hard, frothing at the mouth:: OK, time to calm down. Stop.