Saturday 8 January 2000


So many feeling churning through me at the moment.  Where to start?   I have now heard my baby's voice.  I hate the phone, yet this morning we spoke (mainly she spoke and I listened - I love her voice) for 4 hours and it was nowhere near long enough.  It was sooo hard to hang up.  I can't wait until she is here and we can talk face to face.  Can you find love with someone you have never seen in the flesh?  Someone you have only known for a matter of weeks, that has only been more than casual friendship for less than a week?  I believe so with all my heart.  I feel so relaxed, and yet my heart races.  I feel whole, yet while she is so far away there is a piece of me missing.  And what a week it's been.  Tuesday 4th January 2000.  The day I fell.  Wednesday 5th January.  The day she said she felt the same way.  Thursday 6th January.  The day I comforted her when she was low.   Friday 7th January.  I upset her and the bottom fell out of my world.   She forgave me and everything was good again.  Also the day she let me tell.   Saturday 8th January.  The day I first heard her sweet voice.   I'm gonna go before I make you all sick. I'm not finished but she's not the only one that needs to stop before getting carried away.