Friday 21 January 2000

Travel Plans

Bugger. Two minutes late leaving the house and now I'm gonna be at least half an hour late for work. I hate the way that trains magnify delays. Trains suck. Timezones suck. Money sucks. Visa requirements suck. But I can't be angry about anything because my love is never far from my mind, and any time I think of her the anger just melts right away. Managed to find a MUCH cheaper flight using Singapore airlines - and it means I need to stay an extra night in order to take advantage of the offer. How utterly frustraing ::grin:: I sent of a booking request for the hotel room last night, but it was before I found this offer, so I need to get back to them about the extra night. I need to dig my passport out of wherever it is hiding so I can get my ETA sorted. Still 6 weeks until I travel, but I don't want to leave things until the last minute. So long between trains - I wonder why they leave this long between rush hour trains - it's less regular than during the day - it's no wonder the earlier train is always so packed if there isn't another one for so long after it. One 10 mins later would be idea - would mean the earlier train is a lot less packed and if I was late again I'd only be a couple of minutes late into the office (well in theory anyway, but the 8:52 at London Bridge is always late) Train will be here soon so I'd better pack up. More later.