Wednesday 8 December 1999

Eni redonize intervie.

meta-date: Wed Dec 8 07:52:00 1999

Chin itches. If only hair growth could be consciously controlled... It's hot in here. Feeling rather moist. There are a couple more stops until enough people get off to allow the temperature to return to bearable levels. Only 20 mins standing this morning - not bad. Mind not working yet - need more coffee. Made an online proposal last night, she said I should speak to her Sicilian father first - it all went horribly quiet after I offered to kiss his ring... I wonder if the double entendre made it through the export process... I am half expecting to get home to find a horses head in my bed. God, I must be really short of material this morning - shamelessly stealing it from last night's email conversation... The Poutine experiment went quite well last night - next time I'll do a smaller portion, and less gravy.  If I still had my goatee it would have been a real mess - lucky I shaved it off really...