Thursday 16 December 1999

Poipai dedushe cator nes.

meta-date: Thu Dec 16 19:18:00 1999

Oh boy. This is the week. Pissed out of my skull last night. Still in the same clothes and I smell the part. Slept on the floor. No need to mention which one. Another drink after leaving the office - got side-tracked - I meant to go get my comics - won't get a chance for a while now. Saturday - give me something to do between the work do and Gareth's party. Do I go home? I suppose it depends on how early I get up. Whether it will be worth it. Probably will be actually - should be able to fit four or five hours sleep in. Why do I get spots when I'm tired? Star. Ascendant. Sleep? Yes please... Packed train. Bloody Christmas shoppers. Email first though. And ICQ as well probably. Got myself a virtual life.