Tuesday 7 December 1999

Idified recious sile.

meta-date: Tue Dec 7 07:23:00 1999

Well isn't this just spiffy. Too hot. Too crowded. Too far. Too long. I am not listening to any music this morning - I wonder if that has anything to do with my weird mood this morning. More to do with online conversations last night I think - one with someone far away and very different, one with someone closer to home in more ways than one (no fair! I don't feel as unique anymore). Much more fun way of getting stuff off of my chest than this - soloing at the keyboard has been taking me to some pretty dark places recently... My mind is bizarre. Can pour out almost anything without hesitation online - but find it impossible in person. The Nov 19th cartoon on userfriendly.org is just so me it's scary. Is it the fear of eye-contact thing?