Tuesday, 14 December 1999

Hesorre elaborato reeast flagation undered.

meta-date: Tue Dec 14 19:16:00 1999

This is fun.  The train has been diverted miles out of the way.   We are going the way that the driver announced, but everyone is panicking.   Hehe, delicious.  Lucky I've got nowhere to go.  The driver has just switched ends of the train.  Hassled as he walks through the carriage.  He has just given us the same announcement as earlier, but they can't have been listening as they have all breathed a sigh of relief.  Hopefully we shouldn't be too much longer before getting back on course.  I probably should have gone out on my own for a drink tonight - they'll probably have the signals fixed at London Bridge long before we get back to Blackfriars.  Still - it's saving my phone bill I suppose - if I wasn't stuck on a train I'd be back at home on ICQ by now...