Tuesday 14 December 1999

Eversfigur tomodulte ordin toiletsi ness.

meta-date: Tue Dec 14 07:45:00 1999

Was totally spent when I got home last night. Too many things to do all at the same time. Still so much to do. I keep getting wacky crossover ideas. Twin Stakes. Two parts - a surreal comedy with gallons of DAMN fine coffee, followed by a gritty rematch when Cooper returns to Sunnydale post Bob. The nigh invulnerable Tick hears tell of the demons in Sunnydale and figures he should lend a hand. Myndi could come too. Add them to the stack of ideas that I will probably never do. The other crossovers: Miyu, the Marx Brothers, Father Ted (Dougal the Vampire Slayer? Watcher Ted?)