Thursday 9 December 1999

Storehen quargulati sublaneous ibes tainten.

meta-date: Thu Dec 9 07:32:00 1999

Was only one scare yesterday in the end - must be losing my touch. The new girl thinks people who are over 20 and big sci-fi fans are scary and sad. Can't really see the conversation going very far... Especially after the email I wrote last night - I was very, very tired and ended bibbling like an idiot. Still, she does think Britney Spears is Satan - so maybe there is some mileage there. I might have another look around the celebrity graveyard site again later - that is a fun site in a fucked up kind of a way... Listening to fluffy American pop rock - am I going soft? Mmmm, pop rocks. Blasting powder. I want to fill my mouth with exploding candy and then take a swig of something fizzy - messy but fun. In a juvenile sort of a way. My head isn't working very well at the moment - yesterday I went to get my phone from my office before going to lunch - I ended up getting a can of tango and was half way to the door before I realised I had the wrong thing...