Thursday 2 September 1999

Blespectro reemetant saustere.

meta-date: Thu Sep 2 10:36:00 1999

Drifting hither & thither. Sat on the ivory throne - finished but unmoving. I regain clarity and return to my room to notice the door is sticking - another distraction - the grease I bought for my skates fixes things. Deep relief gel - I hope it helps my still aching left leg - excellent stuff, but the smell of menthol is very strong - my eyes are almost watering from the fumes. Need sleep. Then food. Then shopping. More trousers - I have too many with holes in. More black shirts - so coffee stains don't show. A pair of shoes - if I can be bothered. Comics too - 16 this week, busier than average but not excessively so.