Wednesday 29 September 1999

Pery strubbrevamp pas striburg.

meta-date: Wed Sep 29 07:21:00 1999

Staring at the sea, will she come, is there hope for me, after all is said and done. The new NIN album - he's still full of instantly meaningful lines. All the spoils of a wasted life - all of this for you. Broken, bruised, forgotten, sore.Too fucked up to care any more. The good points aren't as good as the good points of the downward spiral - but the low points aren't as low as the spiral either. No instant classics like closer or heresy unfortunately. I am a very sick puppy - why else would I like songs like closer and girlscout by jack off jill. Still no news about the new album. Major pisser - afaik they finished recording ages ago - I wonder in the record company has lost faith, or run out of money... Time for work.