Wednesday 8 September 1999

Cluesti stronistr aphighing cousuffed.

meta-date: Wed Sep 8 06:23:00 1999

Inner turmoil. Haven't been reading or writing this morning, just churning things about in my head. Butter of consciousness. If you know little enough about Unix to reboot a machine that you shouldn't be on anyway and not even realise then you deserve to have the palms of your hands scooped out with a sharpened spoon. Stupidity is no excuse for badgering a password out of someone and then using it to play about on someone else's machine. I don't want to write the email I will have to write later - I am too pissed off. Disappointed in a number of people. I am too trusting - letting people get close just makes it easier for them to stick the knife in and twist.