Tuesday 7 September 1999

Miniputa crospanic woogress ockably.

meta-date: Tue Sep 7 21:39:00 1999

Hits on match.com again - I guess an enigmatic profile works better than one saying you're a self obsessed arse.  Probably a little harsh, but that's how it sounded when I read it again...  The full text is one of the entries from this diary from a few weeks back - near the nadir of personal blackness I had back then...  A pretentious way of saying when I was being a self obsessed arse.  The new profile just points to this site - I wonder if either of the responders actually dug deep enough into the history to see the old entries... The entries that scared off previous match.com responders...  No matter.  You get used to rejection after a while, you just sort of go numb and feel nothing.  Unfortunately the numbness extends to other feeling too, leading to emptiness.  I'll stop now before I spiral into full depression...