Tuesday 28 September 1999

Corintrai drey lity spres.

meta-date: Tue Sep 28 09:41:00 1999

Good game last night. Got to level 4 in about 4 hours. Got a fairly good skill in tailoring and have about three quarters of a set of patchwork armour. Bit of a time clash with Andy again - I didn't realise what was happening as he wasn't on ICQ, so I didn't know he was around. I'm buying him a copy of the game on the way to work, and he can pay me back. I'll help him twink the new character with his old stuff. He'll certainly be the toughest level 1 around. We can sneak some money/stuff through BB to my character at the same time. I'll need to use my Enchanter's Invisibility spell to get Andy through and back.