Monday 27 September 1999

Simility gaveresse stoweigh.

meta-date: Mon Sep 27 20:24:00 1999

Got the Everquest bug again. Brief respite only. Want to get level 8, but BB will be way packed at this time. I might get lucky. If not I'll try my luck in the Karanas - I managed to find and defeat a white spider yesterday, but cocked things up by trying to make a tunic with only one swatch of silk - I should have tried a one swatch item, such as gloves or sleeves. Come to think of it the spiders will probably be well hunted - plenty of people know how to make silk armour. Spiders are a bit tough for my level anyway - poison is a bitch - I need another couple of levels. Or a companion. Low level monk would be ideal. If I could find Matty online his tracking would come in very useful. I need another level and a bucket full of cash before I am worth any real good in a party. Level 8 spells are far too expensive. I think I left some stuff in a no rent container yesterday. Hope I didn't lose all of my sewing patterns. I think I had about 80 of them - that's about 5pp worth - that's a good couple of hours of play time to get back. Maybe I do need to hunt BB for a couple of hours after all. Should get me to level 8 no problems. Should have enough money to buy one spell when I level - what should I go for? I could go for charm, but my charisma is not high enough for it to stick for long - I think root is one of the options - could be handy, but I don't have any DD spells yet - I guess I should get Sanity Warp first. Being a magic user requires far too much thinking - maybe I shoula go back to the beginning and start a Monk - or a Barbarian Shaman - I was always quite fond of my Ogre Shaman - the tells for SoW will probably be annoying - but that's quite a way off yet. Talk about thinking ahead - lol. Very tempting. Should I do it now or wait for Andy to get a copy of EQ? I will start tonight. Decision made. Keelta (hope that name's not taken) can take up tailoring at level 1 and have full patchwork by level 4. Everfrost is a way cool place to start tailoring. I don't know of anywhere else that gives such an abundance of the right size pelts in the newbie zone. Nice amount of quests too - just need to whack a few gnolls and the people of Qeynos will love me. Unfortunately I get that dodgy polar bear skin hat. The right look for a barbarian shaman though, so it's not too bad. The leather kilt is definately questionable. The Jean-Paul Gaultier of the frozen north. Hope there aren't too many vengeful skeletons out tonight - they can be a right bitch. I should be able to make level 3 at least - hopefully level 4 - before the night is over. No meditate! Going back to natural mana regaining is going to be a nightmare. First level spells aren't too bad with the shaman - a dd, a heal, and a couple of decent buffs. I know the zone pretty well too (the canyons part, anyway - I've never really been high enough level to explore the tundra much). The train is back. Almost time to fight.