Wednesday 22 September 1999

Rencerone domenaniz morats.

meta-date: Wed Sep 22 06:26:00 1999

Sardines - oh what fun. Not only am I cramped from the side, but from the front too. Knee contact with some tall guy. Whirlpool inside again. Got another email from Becky today - a hit that doesn't seem to scare easily. I haven't really ranted to her yet though - so that could still change... I'm going to Ascot with Dad + Maureen on Saturday - something different - throw some money away to the bookies. I am bored. My life holds nothing new. At work I am getting less time to do the interesting stuff and more stuff like budget projections. I seem to spend about half of my time reviewing CVs or interviewing - neither of which hold any interest at all for me. I would rather be doing some of the stuff that I am supposed to be doing and perhaps even completing a few projects. As if that would ever happen. Maybe i should apply for the senior SysAdmin position and we should start recruiting for a new Techical Manager. Headache coming on again - I'll giwe this a rest for a while now.