Tuesday 28 September 1999

Tability tronsi opping.

meta-date: Tue Sep 28 21:27:00 1999

I think I'm going to start over in EverQuest again - Barbarian warrior named Wolfbiter - based on the character from The Gilded Chain by Dave Duncan - I think the character was a rapier man - could limit weapon choices - either use a sheild or dual-weild a main-gauche. Dual weild is better - barbarians get to bash wlthout a sheild due to their size. Cool. Lots of people have commented on my being clean shaven - the two most common comments have been "It looks different", or "you look younger" - very non-commital statements - implies that the general concensus is that I made a mistake shaving the beard off. Fair enough. I am going to have to start this character off tonight, I don't have the will power to wait until tomorrow. I'll have to try not to be up too late - a target of level 3 is probably not too far out - probably won't be able to flesh the character out much - all points into dex and agi. I'll probably not bother with head armour, so I don't need to put up with the polar bear head. Another good reason not to use a sheild is the fact that there is a bug in the barbarian graphics file and sheilds don't show up. Game limitations are secondary though - mainly I just want to keep in character for the vision I have. I lose some pretty important skills by going for warrior, but if I team I should be pretty damn funky. No bind is a bitch, but life sucks, so who's counting? With dual weild, double attack, dodge, parry, riposte and critical hits I get to be a pretty mean damage machine. Soloing isn't really an option before too long - I'll need to group a lot. Have to overcome my anti-social tendencies. How likely is that?