Thursday 2 September 1999

Eded fillecip prion.

meta-date: Thu Sep 2 14:09:00 1999

Random thought: Is Britney Spears' name spelt that way because her parents were illiterate rednecks that couldn't spell Brittany? My head circumference is just over 24", which makes my hat size XXL on an online hat store. A big head and no self confidence - a living oxymoron. I wish the volume dial on these headphones wasn't so easy to knock. I may go on another book hunt today - according to amazon there are about 5 books in Kristine Kathryn Rusch's fey series - I have only ever seen the first two (which are very good) - I will see if I can find the others today. I could update my reading list page so that it includes the books I have in a pile waiting to be read. I'm not sure if they will outnumber the ones I have read and put up there already - it will certainly be fairly close. I really should start reading more. My cue to exit. A return to my Guinness stained copy of Chapter house Dune.