Monday 13 September 1999

Shoring dustanthr ocition.

meta-date: Mon Sep 13 08:29:00 1999

My usual spot. I wonder if I will be able to get a DVD player on the way to work - not sure if I'll have enough time - I should have, it is a waste for me to have my amp with no Dolby Digital capable devices. There aren't many titles thay I want on DVD, but it's a waste to get those few on VHS when I know that I will be getting a DVD player at some point anyway - I might as well get one now... Enough with the justifications, I'm convinced already - now I just need to decide on a model. A copy of what home cinema to read on the train should fix that. BP check again. I have actually lost nearly a stone since last time without even trying - and the EMS device I ordered on the net hasn't even arrived yet. Maybe this won't be as hard as I thought. I'm going to update my profile today "have you ever felt the urge to walk barefoot through a graveyard at 1am?"