Thursday 16 September 1999

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meta-date: Thu Sep 16 06:47:00 1999

On a stick. Wobbling in the middle of the carriage. I hate it when there are no seats. Thinking about doing a new website. I currently have a domain that is just redirecting to my existing site. Not sure exactly what to put on it, I've never been particularly good at doing content for sites. I just write random crap and catalogues of info that no-one is interesed in - not even me. A useless catalogue is probably how I will start - all the Vampire books, films, comics, games, merchandise, etc. that I have. Will take a while to just get that done - if I put scans up even longer. I wonder if I will ever get round to any content, or if I will get bored before I get around to it... Watched the first two episodes of the Manga "Vampire Princess Miyu" last night, as well as rewatching the first two episodes of Buffy and also watching Blade. A real Vamp night. The interviews on the new Buffy tapes were pretty disappointing - the interview with David Boreanaz on the second tape is almost the same as the one on the first tape, but with different clips in the background. There a couple of extra bits with Joss Whedon - but nowhere near enough :( I hope they do better with the boxed sets. A commentary track on the DVDs would be really cool (if they ever get around to releasing the series on DVD in region 2) not particularly likely though - it's a lot of hours of voice over... The BBC are doing it with Red Dwarf, so maybe I'll be lucky - the seasons of Red Dwarf are a lot shorter though :( I have been seriously bitten by the DVD bug - Dolby Digital surround just sounds so cool - it's only a week since I first heard pro logic from my setup at home and I've been converted away from it already. I wonder how long it will be until I start getting titles on DVD that I already have on VHS. Probably as soon as I see a David Lynch film on DVD. Blue Velvet in 5.1 surround - yum. Or Lost Highway. No coffee in Quick Snack - what the fuck is that all about? I have to go elsewhere for this morning's second dose of caffeinated goodness. It's a good job there are so many coffee shops at London Bridge - otherwise I wouldn't be arriving at work with a caffeine high - and that would be very not good. In fact it would suck. (note to self - I have been watching waay too much Buffy recently - it's starting to infect my speech patterns...)