Wednesday 1 September 1999

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meta-date: Wed Sep 1 06:02:00 1999

A new month. Has anything changed? The diary has lightened up, but circumstances have changed not at all. My mobile is now data enabled and I have used up three quarters of my call allowance in one day. I should probably uninstall ICQ to remove the temptation. Queued my frequently used contacts for authorisation at three fifteen this morning - Louise responded within about five seconds - does that girl ever go offline? I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be on at three am with a nine am start the next day.  Obviously not.  Scary. Beginning of a quarter - phone bill time. Will be a big one this quarter - damn you EverQuest for being so addictive. It must have been at least four before I got to sleep and here I am at seven thirty wide awake and updating my diary. How can I be up after three hours sleep? It's not natural. It's a good job I'm not doing interviews today - I look a bloody mess. I wonder when my billing date is for Orange now. I may leave for work soon - not having left by now doesn't feel right - I'm only in Blackheath though - it will only take about half an hour to walk it. It took more last night - but that was largely due to the fact that I am a fat bastard and took ages to get over the park gates. Nice and easy at the Blackheath end though...