Monday 6 September 1999

Rishantia intelita sonanois dance.

meta-date: Mon Sep 6 17:12:00 1999

Another boy. 8lb 8oz. Mum phoned me at about 10 to six, so he was probably born between five and half past. Mum will call later with more details - she's not allowed in to visit until seven - so the next hour will probably be spent on the phone, she'll be too fidgety to just sit and wait. I wish we had more minor hardware installs to do - I was finished a quarter to six, and I'll be home by seven - if I had stayed in the office I probably wouldn't have left until half seven - possibly not even until half nine - probably would have gone for a drink if that was the case. Finally finished the book today - interesting end, not sure it needed the bit about the no-ship leaving for another universe or the face dancer god figures. What shall I read next? Probably the new Otherland book. My boots are almost worn in now. My feet ache, but it's not too bad. Wearing low top shoes for the past year has got rid of the callouses on my ankles - it will take a while for them to reappear. I wonder if any of the parcels I am expecting arrived today? I hope I get back in time for the post office if any did. I think the major ones are open until half eight. That may just be me mixing up opening and closing times though... I am sure that I picked up a comics delivery from Southampton sorting office after dark once. That could have been in winter when it gets dark early though. I'm going to check my email - just because I can :-P Nothing since I left the office - not really surprising as it's under two hours since I left.