Wednesday 29 September 1999

Ribusol ssitativi trat mentible.

meta-date: Wed Sep 29 06:44:00 1999

I am such a sad fuck. Pouring my ever effort into an RPG like a spotty school kid. Reality is too hard to cope with, so I bury myself in a fantasy world. Cry me a river. Get a life? Tell me where from and I'll happily give it a try, as long as I don't have to try too hard - I am a lazy bastard after all. What matters to me? Drink. Computers. Films. Music. Comics. Got the Marx brothers movies that I ordered about two months ago yesterday - Yay! Almost watched them last night, but managed to stop myself. Still played EQ for an hour though - made level three in one hour of play time - almost one hour dead, but had to rest before the final Gnoll pup and made 1:01 in the end. Found a backpack and small box on mobs, saved me quite a bit of money. Always I hide. Behind the masks so long that even I don't know what is behind them anymore. If there is anything. Am I just a void hiding behind a china mask, one tap and I shatter wholey. What the fuck am I talking about? Running off at the mouth again. I am lost, and no-one can find me because no-one is looking. Like a brick at the bottom of a lake - there are plenty of them to find, but there are much more interesting things to see    first.