Tuesday 31 August 1999

Subgros ies legentaut spirrer.

meta-date: Tue Aug 31 08:37:00 1999

Bugger. Looks like the low reading was the blip... Oh well, I knew I needed to lose weight - I now have a reason to start. Is it enough to motivate me to get up off of my fat arse though? It would be a lot easier if I didn't work so far from home. I suppose Monday and Tuesday I could spend an hour down the St Albans swimming pool. I could start skating to the train again. Two bad things about that 1) the weather won't hold out much longer 2) I will stink when I get into work. I will never take up jogging because it bored me silly when I tried in the past. I suppose I could get one of those electric muscle stimulation things and use it in the office - that would help my stomach... Swimming isn't really an option - I am planning more tattoos, and you're not supposed to go swimming for a couple of weeks afterwards. Bugger. The thought of going to the gym bores me. Is there any type of exercise that I would enjoy and there aren't any barriers to me doing it? Not that I know of. It's looking more and more like I will have to give up drinking for a while to lose weight. Not sure if I have the willpower to do that :)