Wednesday 17 November 1999

Adirecre ations lawsuri idinarco.

meta-date: Wed Nov 17 08:36:00 1999

Interesting morning so far - train was cancelled so I got a different on - arrived at London Bridge considerably earlier than usual. Early enough to brave the queue at Costa's coffee (only just though - queued for nearly 15 mins). They were efficient when they served me - I ordered a double espresso - which is quick to make (by definition...) I got my coffee before the woman in front of me (who had ordered a large latte - not quick to make) - when the woman behind me saw this she gave me a really *foul* look. I was obviously in the wrong - getting my drink first when I'm second in the queue?  I must be evil incarnate - I guess I should have waited until the woman in front had been served. Get a fucking grip! Of course she may just have given me a foul look simply because I am me - which would be understandable...