Wednesday 3 November 1999

Mens natelemmas sling abs.

meta-date: Wed Nov 3 13:35:00 1999

The last half hour.  A 20-30 min taxi ride then boredom again.   Got it bad - I'm even off of my food.  Haven't eaten anything substantial since Sunday - and that was only because Mum cooked it.  Worse than anything in recent memory.  Almost as bad as Sim.  Hope it doesn't hurt as bad when the waiting is over.  Vague recollection of a dream last night.  Was sitting in the middle of a crowd in a field.  Don't know why - have forgotten the main point of the dream.  Louise from work walks by with someone I don't recognise - she makes a snide comment to her companion, they both laugh at me and then walk on.  I don't remember what the comment was, but I remember it shocking me and hurting.  First time I remember recognising anyone in a dream for a long time.  Louise is one of the biggest hitters to this site and a fellow Buffy fan and I feel I owe her some sort of an explanation for why she was such a bitch in my dream - I don't have one though - sorry Lou :(