Saturday 6 November 1999

Anism spensis strip bilifini.

meta-date: Sat Nov 6 09:54:00 1999

Put me out of my misery.  Shoot me like a wounded animal.  I should call her later - that is why I asked for the number after all.  I want to know, but am afraid to find out.  It wasn't just the copious alcohol last week - there was something other.  She didn't wake up next morning with a hangover thinking "why the hell was I dancing with that fat fuck?"  I seems she wants a chaperone present when next we meet - so there must be some misgivings.  Sensible.   Another week to wait.  I have her number.  She knows I have her number.   She doesn't mind that I have her number.  And the walls come tumbling down.   Shattered.  I don't know the rules anymore.  I don't know what is happening.  I wish I had some basis for comparison.  The isn't going anywhere.   Time to stop.