Monday 29 November 1999

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meta-date: Mon Nov 29 22:29:00 1999

Still no phone.  Damn Orange!  Damn them all to Hell!  Damn Cisco too, and progressive networks, and Microsoft.  Damn the world wide web.   ICQ, FTP, IRC and email are fine.  The rest of it just pisses me off at the moment.  I feel too positive.  Lots to watch tonight - a Buffy episode and two mangas.  I'm five episodes behind on Angel too - will have to catch up before I watch the crossover episodes...  Definitely short on creativity - this is turning into a catalogue of what I watch and listen to.  Not much fun people watching at this time of night - everyone looks the same - knackered and desperate to get home to bed.   What was the name of that schools program with the animated squiggle that taught how to write?  I think it was look and learn or something similar.  Why do I care?  Out.