Thursday 11 November 1999

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meta-date: Thu Nov 11 07:12:00 1999

Vampire philosophy: Life is a neck - drink deep. Does falling into a black hole make you God? No-one can prove your existence, but people would believe in you - sounds like God to me... A big difference would be that you are unable to prove your existence, where God just doesn't feel like it (nyah!) Maybe God is just a mis-represented astronaut. How on earth do I get started on these things? Seat with a table - wow. I'd trade it all for shoulder room. Actually I've already proved that I wouldn't - I could have had shoulder room by standing - but I chose to sit instead. There shouldn't have to be that choice - the choice that causes people to not use public transport - the choice that is destroying the world. Help the individual at the expense of the community. Community spirit from a man that belongs to no community - whatever next? Time to take a break. First coffee of the day is getting cold...