Thursday 4 November 1999

Amphioca conjudged straudi.

meta-date: Thu Nov 4 21:26:00 1999

God I'm bored.  Will go to sleep in a minute - bugger all else to do.   Just watched Something about Mary - bloody funny film.  Thanks for recommending it last week Dan :)  Now listening to Midnight Configuration's Funeral Nation.  Sounds superb with my subwoofer.  Life is good.  Apart from the fact it's not. Almost had a happy thought there - managed to catch myself in time though...  Just had a look at some horoscope stuff on  It's all a load of bollocks.  It's amazing how they manage to write it so that it could apply to anyone.  So bored that I'm shaving again - putting my razor next to my computer was a good way of making sure I keep clean shaven. Electric razor never shaves as clean as a wet shave though.  I seem to have managed to cut myself on my arm.  I don't know how it happened - I can only assume I managed to do it while I was picking grit out of the sole of my foot with a Stanley knife earlier.  Don't know how I managed to do it without noticing though.Wasn't deliberate - even in my subconscious I would have cut deeper than that.  My amazon order didn't arrive today - It'll probably arrive tomorrow when there's no-one in and I'll have to go down the post office on Saturday.   Bugger.  Ordered a couple of CDs from the music section a couple of days before they sent out the announcement of the section opening.  Not big or clever, but possibly vaguely interesting.  No it isn't, it's just another string in my bow of sadness.  What does another string in you bow mean anyway?  I don't care to be quite honest.   I don't care about anything.  Say it enough and it might become true.  I wish I had no feelings - that way I would never hurt.  And I wouldn't feel the urge to do something which is bound to end up with me looking a total twat.