Thursday 18 November 1999

Narrili press cooaching.

meta-date: Thu Nov 18 07:57:00 1999

Caffeine buzz. I've only had one coffee this morning and already my head is fuzzy. Figured out why it has been so bloody cold in the morning - the heating was set to come on at 6:20, not much use when I get up earlier than that. Panic attack there - thought I'd missed my stop, but I hadn't. God I am knackered. Song lyric going round and round in my head "never pay the reaper with love only" - I didn't think you were supposed to pay the reaper at all - that's the ferryman - completely different bloke (both a bit too skinny though). My arse is working overtime this morning - farting like crazy. At least I'm in a wide open space now - room to dissipate. Clock. Very early this morning - could have got the 8:12 but decided on coffee instead. Bzzzzzzzz.