Wednesday 10 November 1999

Joanss flections sicalirat wilders spaperian.

meta-date: Wed Nov 10 19:06:00 1999

I think the guy beside me is dead - but no-one has bothered to let him know, so he shambles onwards oblivious. I don't ever want to be that aged. Old I could handle - but not aged. Mind your head. Ha. Haven't laughed like that for hours. I love the underground. Three trains go past before I can get on one. Not strictly true - I could have pushed onto the first one. I am willing to wait if it means avoiding a violation of personal space. How many people are there in my head? I count at least 4 presently - the poet, the angry, the dreamer, the beer-monster. Time share. Collaboration for this journal - the whole less than the parts? Almost to the real crush. I wonder how many parcels from amazon today - I have had three despatch confirmation emails - I wonder if they are organised enough to group items from different orders into a single package. Probably not.