Monday 1 November 1999

Moditic isterni faciard altion gaitorian.

meta-date: Mon Nov 1 11:45:00 1999

Is my repeated listening to the darkest corners of my music collection an attempt to regain the shadow on my soul? I am listening to the wrong CD if that is so - this has very dark lyrics, but it makes me feel up. I have always been a pagan at heart - even if I have never been a practising pagan. Wrong gender for Wicca. It's a bastardisation anyway. The original ways are lost. Crushed beneath the heels of Christianity. Blessed be. I am going to see if Tower have any of IS's other albums - although I'm not sure if I have time. This closing half an hour earlier puts a dent in my shopping. Is this lyric "song for our age" or "song for our rage" 1st fits the album tone better - but 2nd fits my needs better.