Friday 5 November 1999

Hopkingdom synces osille.

meta-date: Fri Nov 5 07:03:00 1999

Who would you throw on the bonfire? Headline on the Mail. Sounds: Belladonna and Aconite by Inkubus Sukkubus. What can I say? Rabbit. Onion. Boom. Immerse myself in how to transparently move a Frontpage enabled website. Not fun. Very not fun. I'm going to need to drink much tonight. Whether it will just be enough to loosen myself up or all the way to oblivion remains to be seen. Am I coming or going? I don't know anymore. Vortex within is spinning me like a top. If it spins any faster I'm going to hurl. Time off is always a bad idea - at least at work I have no time to brood - I'm too busy. I need another coffee - but I'm still a good 20 mins away from London Bridge. Burn motherfucker burn. Cellular mesh of lies. Of hate. The fires of my hatred burn so bright - how can I extinguish them? What is being consumed to feed them? Listen to them - children of the night - what sweet music they make. Almost lost my stylus then... Forced silence. Pregnant pause. Last track - Samhain. Time to change the disc. Synchronicity. I quote Dracula and then put a disc in where the first track has samples from the same film. Cool. And the track is called Chaos Mind. Even more synchronicity at work.