Monday 22 November 1999

Velace solicerti iring.

meta-date: Mon Nov 22 11:27:00 1999

11:19 pulls out 10 mins late - wonder how much slack time I have in the change at London Bridge. Should have gone in early rather than laying in bed watching the Fast Show. Wwwonderful. No-one even bothered to try and put the seat opposite me down. They all just assume it is broken. I wonder if anyone will have put it down before I get off. Probably not. Everyone is afraid of looking a twat. Burnt out already? I can feel a lot inside trying to get out. I am getting too self conscious - every time I start a new thread here I weigh up the consequences - wasn't what this was meant to be. Thought about giving it up yesterday - yet here I am again. Christ, I must love it. Kind of amuses me the way I can have a conversation with someone online and it will go fine - until they look at my web page and then all goes silent. There are exceptions - but they are few and far between. Cheese is nice. Have spent 90% of the weekend in bed watching videos. Not exactly productive, but fun and relaxing. Laughter is good. Forgot to shave this morning. My memory again. New David Lynch movie opens soon - cool. Not sure whether to find a plot synopsis on the web or not - I watched Lost Highway blind and really enjoyed it - didn't get a proper appreciation of it until the 3rd or 4th watching. Waiting for it to come out on video was very frustrating. Wonder how good the Film Four studio is at releasing to DVD quickly... Might check see if anywhere has the R1 disc on pre-order yet... Splendid. I can't abide silence. Hair getting in my eyes - I quite like it actually. Has never really bothered me. Difficult to focus close enough to look for split ends. Time for a disc change. Slow burn. Cold flame. Light blistering. I have no idea what I am talking about. Approaching London Bridge - will have enough time for a coffee. Great.