Thursday 11 November 1999

Reviors affooter affirmis.

meta-date: Thu Nov 11 07:35:00 1999

Saw the first poppy seller of the year today - a bit late - or should that be noticed rather than saw - there have probably been hoards of them shambling through the city, preying on the unwary, for weeks and I've not noticed them because I've been too tied up in my self-pity... Need someone to shake me out of it - by action not words. Words are fine - but I have heard many words in the past - I tend to more readily believe those backed up by actions. Topic change. BT already has an overcrowded network with exchanges way over capacity - and yet they are talking about offering an un-metered internet access tariff as a product to ISPs - way to go you bunch of cunts - we already get blamed for your switch overcrowding - now we get to look evil because we have to charge higher subscription rates. Plus we have to try and make the changeover smooth - but we get no details about delivery/charges so we can't plan. Gee thanks. Good to know there are things in life you can rely on.