Monday 1 November 1999

Ves sen ocration nullani.

meta-date: Mon Nov 1 13:15:00 1999

I've just realised that this thing hasn't realised that the clocks went back. Bugger. Trains are right up the spout today. Omg - I've just recognised this track - a goth cover of "Paint it black" - cool, my favourite Stones track. Waiting for the train to pull out. Going to be late. After rushing from Piccadilly to Charing X - pointless. Should have just taken it easy. Moving at last. This train is only half an hour late. And it's not even the right one - it's only a connection to London Bridge because the Greenwich train isn't starting at CX today... Why do I get so inane when I'm not depressed? Actually it's probably less inane than my endless winging about how crap my life is. At least late trains are a concrete fact - not a construct of my infinite self doubt. Almost to London Bridge. Wonder how long I will have to wait. Raining. As the Suicidal Tendencies song goes "you can't bring me down". Not quite managed a U-turn - don't know what direction I am facing now.